Rui Trintaeum e Rick Offen – august 21th
Rui Trintaeum e Rick Offen – august 21th


His name is well known in the Portuguese scene and that's why we proudly underline the achievement... Manager of the label, Cruz has been much more than a familiar face in Bloop’s events and launchings. Cruz is now one of the most pressing names in electronic music today, having won a spot on the main venues of the national clubbing scene, from Lisbon up to the north and south. Cultivating a very low profile musical career, his consolidation comes while addressing electronic music like few, creating an unmistakable complicity with vinyl – his best ally and teacher in nearly one decade. Nowadays, sharing cabin with national and international references – he will surely be a figure to pay attention to on the dance floor.


Kaesar, The Restless: a profound music connoisseur, he has been dominating the dance scene in 22 years of travel and insatiable digging. He agilely circulates from the deepest and most alternative contexts to the most massive ones, from the inspiring fruition of rock'n'roll to the depth of house music, condensing his singularity in an arduous studio work. It is with his music that we discover an elegant and evolved characteristic of his personality. He is a phenomenon in the art of making people dance, keeping up with the times through his vast aesthetic knowledge, fruit of a regular presence in various Underground contexts.

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