Zinko e Cigma July, 23th
Zinko e Cigma July, 23th


Pedro Loios, artistically known as Zinko, has just added a new track to his musical portfolio. The classic "Toxic" by the North American star Britney Spears receives this time a new outfit with house music vibes and designed to leave the dance floor aglow. Zinko makes the track "Toxic" available for free download, those interested should go to his page. The Portuguese DJ and producer who in 2020 received the "Talent Award" from 100% DJ returns to the stage on April 2 in a new and irreverent live format, designed by him and his team.


Σigma, more precisely Dj Carlos Peixoto and Chris Alves, are two friends with previous solo careers, who decided to come together to create a more appetizing and innovative project, with the main objective of presenting a show and a conjuncture of feelings unique! Individually they had the privilege of playing in events with the presence of Overule, Club Banditz, Dj Ride, Beatbombers and Steve Parker as the best known names. Together they have performed in events with Gabriel O Pensador, Dj Ride, Regula, Jimmy P and Digital Militia. They were present at Utad Academic Week and Queima das Fitas Coimbra in 2016.

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